• Jordan Pfotenhauer

Debating During Lockdown

I hope you're all keeping well in these strange and uncertain times! Here at the ESU Scotland I've adjusted to working from home but, despite participating in a few online competitions, definitely miss the practical side of debating.

As part of our Speak up Scotland programme, the ESU Scotland is very keen to ensure that debating in Scotland doesn't stop during the lockdown. However, we're acutely aware of the difficulties teachers face maintaining lessons, let alone extra-curricular activities like debating.

That's why, starting today, we're going to be launching a series of materials aimed at helping you keep debating going during this period. The first of these materials is 'Debating During Lockdown: a Guide for Teachers'. It contains exercises, activities and videos you can use in your debating training- all crafted to work remotely with minimal technology. This guide is suitable for both those new to debating and those with experience and, while it's aimed at teachers, feel free to forward it to your pupils. They'll certainly benefit from reading through it and engaging with the contents.

We'll be posting materials regularly to our website: you can find them at this page.

We're also happy to take requests and answer questions! If you have any, feel free to send them through to

I hope this document helps you and your debating clubs. While this lockdown poses difficulties it also gives us a unique opportunity- and plenty to debate!

All the best,

Jordan Pfotenhauer


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