We at ESU Scotland were very excited at being given the opportunity to host the last World Members’ Conference in Edinburgh in September 2008. Over 250 delegates from 31 countries attended.

 ESU World 2008

The Thyne Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship that ESU Scotland awards, and it enables young Scots to travel to a country or countries of their choice to study and research their own particular vocation.

In delivering a fresh insight into how professions in other countries tackle their problems, the hope has always been that this knowledge benefits not only the individual scholar, but also Scotland. Each year a different theme is selected and scholars have the opportunity to explore and develop a better understanding of their chosen field or profession, and to suggest practical ways in which lessons learned could be applied to that sector in Scotland.

The outcome of the Scholarship is often an article to be published in a relevant professional journal and possibly the national press. Scholars may also be required to give a presentation on their findings to the English-Speaking Union Scotland, and possibly to a relevant professional body.

Please contact the office for further details.

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