We at ESU Scotland were very excited at being given the opportunity to host the last World Members’ Conference in Edinburgh in September 2008. Over 250 delegates from 31 countries attended.

 ESU World 2008

ESU Scotland has sent a Page Scholar to the USA every year since 1979. The Scholarship is intended to promote the exchange of educational ideas between Britain and the USA. Scholars travel to the USA to study a specific aspect of American education. While in the USA, the teacher meets with fellow professionals, and learns from their different approaches to educational issues.

The scholar stays with members of the ESU Branches in the USA. The Page Scholar is chosen each year by the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS). The Scholarship is advertised by the EIS in the Scottish Educational Journal. The advert normally appears in the February issue of the journal.

Recent Page Scholars

2009: Marguerite Edwards
2010: Helen Lawson
2011: Ros Marshall

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