We at ESU Scotland were very excited at being given the opportunity to host the last World Members’ Conference in Edinburgh in September 2008. Over 250 delegates from 31 countries attended.

 ESU World 2008
ESU Scotland also administers the Wigmore Paterson Scholarship, Ann Small Scholarship and the ESU Capitol Hill Internships.

The Wigmore Paterson Scholarship

Application forms are now available for the 2013 Wigmore Paterson Scholarship to Western Australia offered by the English-Speaking Union Scotland.

The Scholarship is awarded annually to a teacher under the age of 35 who is involved in music or sport, either professionally or as an extra-curricular activity, and is intended to promote the exchange of educational ideas between Scotland and Western Australia.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide a contribution to the scholarís professional development in studying a music-related or sport related aspect of Western Australian education which interests him/her and which is relevant to his/her own professional responsibilities.

The value of the ESU Wigmore Paterson Scholarship is up to £1,000, which is intended to contribute to travel and subsistence expenses. Additional costs must be met by the scholar.

More information can be found here
Application form

The Ann Small Scholarship

In 2010 Ann Bradley, a lecturer in Administration and IT at Jewel and Esk College in Edinburgh, was selected to visit Fanshawe Collge in London, Ontario to compare teaching methods and systems there. Ann found the experience fascinating and has brought many new ideas back to Scotland. For more information about Ann's trip, please have a look at the article on the Fanshawe College website.

The 2011 Ann Small Scholar was Audrey White from Adam Smith College, who was also welcomed at Fanshawe College.

In 2012 we look forward to welcoming a lecturer from Fanshawe College to Scotland.

Background to the Scholarship

Ms Ann Small BA MEd FSCT, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, began her secretarial career in that city at a time when expertise in shorthand was a requirement. She was so accomplished in that field writing shorthand at 200 wpm that she was asked by Sir James Pitman, grandson of the inventor of Pitman Shorthand, to write a new Beginners' Course that would enable all students to gain the art and practice of Pitman Shorthand more quickly and efficiently. The exercises were recorded onto tapes. The book with tapes was named The Acceleration Course.

Following a few months working in London, England to become acquainted with the Pitman Organisation Ann Small transferred to the Pitman Canadian Headquarters at Church Street, Toronto where she wrote the new Course requested by Sir James Pitman. After writing the course Ann toured the neighbouring schools in Ontario publicising the new book and tapes. She was offered many opportunities to teach at these schools. Ann accepted a post at the about-to-be-opened Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. Although it was more than twenty years since her retirement and return to Edinburgh her high principles and devotion to duty will never be forgotten.

It is with pleasure that Ms Ann Small's sister, Ms Evelyn Small, has awarded this scholarship for a teacher of IT and Administration in Scotland to visit Fanshawe College for a brief period of time to witness the systems popular at the college that her sister loved.

Capitol Hill Internships

Capitol Hill Internships are organised by the Centre for Speech and Debate at the English-Speaking Union in London. ESU Scotland sometimes gives limited financial support to interns who have been to school in Scotland, and/or are studying at university in Scotland.
You can find out more about the Internships at the website for the ESU in London. To ask about gaining financial support for the Internship from ESU Scotland, please feel free to email us.

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